Monday, October 19, 2009

Nine Lives

Tyler was just treated to three days of celebrating his ninth birthday. His real birthday fell on a day when most of us all felt crappy. We still had pizza and sang to him. That night he had the time of his life going to our new Walmart and going on a little shopping spree with some money Grannie sent him. He came home giddy with all his new loot.
Then Saturday after we spent most of the day sanitizing the house to kill all of our friendly swine flu germs we opened some presents. Tyler had been DYING to get a Rubiks cube. He was delighted (the picture was his re-enactment of his delight) when we opened it up. I think he has been able to get one side put together so far.
That night we watched a movie and had popcorn mixed with skittles. Since we hadn't had a cake yet we had him blow out his popcorn candle.
Sunday we wrapped up the party fun with a real cake and nine candles.

Tyler is a great kid! He is fun loving, eager to learn, a skilled runner, great scooter rider, and loving to his siblings. This past year I would have to say that he had gotten a hair better at eating more foods. Hopefully his palate of yummy foods will keep growing as he gets older.

Like his big brother Alex, Tyler set a goal last year to read the entire Book of Mormon by the time it was his birthday. He actually finished a month early and really had some insightful questions that he asked. We haven't been able to go on his earned award yet of a movie and dinner with mom and dad but that is in the works. I'm really proud of him for accomplishing that great goal!!!

We love you Tyler!!!


Leah said...

Tyler, that is AWESOME you read the Book of Mormon! I'm SO proud of you! I'm glad you had three days of fun for your birthday.

I love you!

emily a. said...

I'm so impressed Ty read the Book of Mormon in a year. I need to follow his lead too. Love you!

Mama Nirvana said...

Your kids are growing up too fast for me. Happy Birthday, Tyler!