Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Upright and Squirmy

I was just realizing this morning as Chloe was dumping books off the bookshelves and then "running" to the garbage can to throw away things she feels are garbage that I haven't mentioned that CHLOE WALKS. She's been walking since the end of August; like the other kids, we were sure she would have walked much earlier than she did.
Having so many siblings it seems like Chloe always had a hand that was willing to help her travel around.
Yep, Chloe has a crooked foot just like Nate and Coop. Doesn't seem to hinder any of their running ability, though.
One of the things that I was most excited about with Chloe walking was that she would be able to wear this cute skirt that my sister Leah gave Chloe for her birthday. Dresses and skirts just aren't as fun when crawling.
Chloe is loving her new freedom. She is always ready to sneak out the door and head to the garage to take her bike out for a spin.
This little girl is already getting quite a mind of her own. The last few days she has had a little bit of a snotty attitude...something that makes Birch and I chuckle and then we quickly stop and remember that it is much easier to teach her at this age that she doesn't get everything she wants than when she is five years old and throwing a major tantrum. I'm constantly amazing though at what an early age they learn cause and effect. Recently she has been perfecting a good little witch squeal when her brother's take away something that she was playing with. Chloe is learning to talk but Birch and I were commenting yesterday that if she knew a few more words it sure would be helpful. We sure love this girl!

Enjoy a little video clip that my sister Laura took while visiting here in August.


kg said...

"witch squeal" that is exactly what Grace does!! Cute Chloe, so fun to see you walking :)

Mama Nirvana said...

So glad Chloe gets a post all to herself. She is so adorable and seems to love her new abilities.


Leah said...

This is sooooo cute!! So glad to see her in that skirt. I miss her!

Matt's Blog said...

She is such a fireball! So cute!

emily a. said...

I can't wait to see her in a few weeks. Maybe we'll have to have the girls both wear their twinner skirts.

Rachel said...

What a happy little child!! Your whole family is beaming with light! You never fail to inspire me. :)