Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Goblins, Witches, and Pumpkins...oh my!!

Before I get to all the good Hawaii stuff I can't skip over Halloween. We actually flew out Halloween morning but our church was having a trunk-or-treat the night before so we were able to celebrate with the kids.
Carving pumpkins has become quite an ordeal having so many munchkins. As you can see from the above picture no one likes to clean the pumpkin out so it is a lot of work for mom and dad. This year much to our kids dismay we decided to only carve ONE large pumpkin and have them each design a different part of the pumpkin face.
Here everyone is submitting their drawn design for their assigned facial feature.
The final product!
This year we had:

Nate, the shining knight
Tyler, the gangster
Alysee, the medieval princess
Chloe, the cheerleader
Alex, the late Michael Jackson
Cooper, superman
(not shown...Birch-- Polynesian Cultural Center guide, Sara--a marshmallow)

My sister, Emily was a great sport letting the kids dress her up. Her adorable daughter Sage was the cutest Pebbles you have seen.
My mom brought this elaborate medieval fairy god mother costume. Nate, the shining knight, was very good at protecting these two beauties.
Isn't Sage just so sweet?!!

We had fun evening gobbling up hot dogs and chili, carnival games, and then a mad rush of trunk-or-treating. The kids all came home and dumped there candy out to pick out ten of their favorite pieces. The rest of the candy was bought by a local dentist for $1/pound and then sent to the military. Sure has been nice to not have all the sugar sitting around the house to be snuck all hours of the day.


kg said...

Your mom's costume is amazing!

....I'm waiting for Hawaii :)

emily a. said...

Mom was a "lady in waiting". I know, amazing. So no, I"m not avoiding your calls- I actually didn't see you called until 11:30 last night and I'm sorry I haven't called you. I've just been busy and tired. I had another sleepless night after I got home. What is my problem?

Um, what about you and Birch on Halloween? Wasn't that documented?

Glad you caught Sage picking her nose.

Miss you guys!

KimiK said...

Hey Sara :) I have been terrible about keeping in touch. I am going to be better :) What fun Halloween pics! Great costumes! I am envious of your trip to Hawaii :) What island did you go to? Can't wait to see more pictures! That way I can live vicariously :D

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you guys soon! - Matt

Leah said...

I'm DYING over Alex's costume. He looks sooo awesome. And everyone else too, but come on Alex, so sweet!