Monday, December 21, 2009

The BIG 1-8

Sometimes I just have to pinch myself because I start getting a loopy over how cute this little girl is. Chloe just turned 18 months today and as you can tell we think she is just about as cute as they come.
Her recent stats:

Height: 29 3/4 in. (9% national growth curve)
Weight: (18 lb. 9 oz. (1% national growth curve)
Head Circumference: 46 cm (37% national growth curve)
Teeth: A whole dang bunch of them (she's got all four molars and several other teeth starting to poke through)

Though Chloe is full of sweetness she can also be a little terrorist too. I can almost count on her pulling out any cute hair du that I have done while we are driving to church. She yells "daddy" all throughout sacrament meeting in hopes of getting her daddy's attention and getting a little wave out of him. She's sure to get into Alysee's special treasures each day and also find any candy that might have been tucked away or even has figured out how to get the candy canes off of the Christmas tree.

She's a bit stingy with her kisses but you better watch out when she decides to unload them; she'll smother you to pieces. Chloe may be a little cute shrimp but she amazes the pediatric doctor each time we are in with how strong she is (ie. will not allow the doctor to touch her, put her stethoscope on her, make her lay down, etc...). She demands to feed herself which often leads to a bath.

Chloe is talking up a storm...and we even can understand most of her words. She uses a few signs (thanks to Aunti Emi teaching them to her) but also says the words at the same time (thank you, done, more). She rattles off most everyone's names in the family when asked to and can point to most body parts. She makes some great animal and car sounds and likes to be in the middle of what is going on.

Chloe is very attached to her pacifier and a nighttime bottle, both of which we are going to be taking away after Christmas. Her teeth are being affected so though it will be painful for all of us it is time to say goodbye to those treasured comfort items. She also loves her pink blanket that Ami made for her.

You'll often find her hauling around a baby or a permanent marker (of course everyone always says that they did not leave it out) or trying to sneak a fruit snack. She's starting to like people better though hasn't done well in nursery so far. She's just about down to one nap a day and will nap for three or four hours. Chloe loves dancing and reading stories with mommy.
Gotta love this girl!!!


Matt said...

She is just so adorable. We miss you Chloe bug.....

kg said...

Yup, sure is adorable!!

Leah said...

Oh my goodness Sara. She is SOOO cute! I miss her!

Mama Nirvana said...

Our babies are growing up too fast! She is such a cutie!!!

emily a. said...

I'm loving that last outfit. She is such an adorable little shrimpy!

laura said...

I was just looking at our pictures again from this summer and missing that sweet little one! That red outfit is so adorable!