Saturday, December 26, 2009

O-S-U, Oregon State...fight...fight...fight

We may not get to personally attend any OSU games but our hearts were there. Well honestly, mine wasn't really there but it was fun to have a reason to party. Birch and the boys looked forward to several big games this season. I tried really hard to surprise Birch with a trip to Vegas for the BYU-OSU game but it was just too spendy. We partied away as a family that night with some other BYU fan friends.

Nate is such a great athelete!
Here we are in all our OSU gear!


emily a. said...

Birch would've loved that. Apparently Alysee didn't have anything cute in orange? Maybe you should put Ami on that one.

Leah said...

Except you lost horribly. That must have been some party.