Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wie gehts and Auf Wiedersehen

Hello to:
Hello to first snow fall. The kids were so excited to go play in the snow and especially loved it that school was delayed by two hours for two days. Chloe loved eating the snow and watching the kids outside play in it. Hello to cute little buns. Chloe's hair is getting quite long and I think I even see the slightest bit of curl in it when it is down. Now that I found that her hair is long enough for buns you can usually see her with two little mini buns or cute little piggies.
Heritage Collection Maple Hardwood Floors
Hello to beautiful refinished hardwood maple floors. We moved out of our house Thanksgiving week and joined houses again with the Cox Family (only this time we were crashing their house) while a refinishing company came and did an amazing job on our water damaged hardwood floors. After a seven days of being gone from home our house still smelled from the oil finish but it was worth every headache (literally). A couple of days later all of our carpeted floors were cleaned wrapping up the last of the flood damage repair.
Good bye to:
Alysee said goodbye to her first tooth. She has been waiting for that moment for years. Last year in school her teacher had a chart on the wall where each child got their name when they lost a tooth. Alysee was the ONLY one to NOT get her name on the wall. Ami did a great job pulling out Alysee's tooth. Good bye bunny. Oreo, the Easter bunny rabbit, found a new home two weeks ago. Mom was getting tired of reminding the kids to feed and play with rabbit but the final straw was when it got below zero outside and the bunny had to be moved into the garage. I couldn't stand the smell!!! It was awful.

But the last last straw was when Oreo took a little chop out of Chloe's cute little chubby fingers. Well, it might have been the cage that sliced her finger but either way it was so sad when she stood there crying holding her bloody finger. We cleaned her finger up and then called the doctor's office to find out if she was at risk of any "bunny disease." She ended up going on an antibiotic because her finger got a bit swollen and looked like it was possibly getting infected. She's totally fine now, though.

We found another gullible family at church who's daughter pleaded with them to be the new owners. As far as a pet goes I can't knock down Oreo. When outside we never once cleaned up poop and during the summer we had fresh food coming out our ears from the garden to feed him. I even feel a little wasteful when I throw away my cucumber peels or apple cores now.
Good bye Christmas programs. We spent several hours this past month going from Christmas concert, to Christmas play, to band concert, to piano recital. As you can tell from the picture these were all highlights to Nate. : )
Goodbye to an odd year -- no more 36, 34 (yes, I know that is not an odd number), 11, 9, 7, 5, 3, 1.

It's been a good one!


emily a. said...

Oreo had a good life as a Diddit with all of that fresh organic veggies. Too bad he missed out on Cooper's much awaited peanuts.

Alysee's Christmas dress is so pretty.

Matt said...

Good update, and frankly, I'm surprised Oreo lasted that long. It was either Sara or Oreo that was to go.

Keri_B said...

Cooper told me in nursery that he didn't have a bunny anymore...I meant to ask you about that. Now I don't have to :)

AndreaF said...

I love reading your blog. What a beautiful, amazing family you have Sara. And you are sooo amazing yourself. I aspire to be like you! Really, I do!! You are awesome.