Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday Rock Band

For Christmas Grannie gave us an FHE (Family Home Evening) music box to try and help our pitiful family singing time. Once you add rock star Birch and jazz trumpeter Alex we don't sound half bad...well, I'm sure we wouldn't make much on the street corner but you never know. This was recorded with Momma's new web camera toy that she bought for herself. Yeah Mommy! We'll have to work on a higher quality recording so you can actually hear Birch play. Enjoy! If you want the Rock Star Dittos to come play at your wedding you better book us early.

(side note: The sound doesn't come on until 17 seconds after the recording)


Mary Jane said...

You guys are the best! Sadly all our wedding are done, but there might be a birthday or two in our future we could book you into!

The Cox Family said...

Would they be willing to play for free at Coop and Abbey's wedding. Ya know, family discount????

emily a. said...

I have so many questions and things to say.

1. What is an FHE music box?

2. What song was that? A church one? Maybe they should consider you guys for Sacrament meeting to liven things up.

3. Love that Birch seriously looks as though he feels he's a rock star. Something I love about him.

4. We really do need to video chat this week. I think the girls will love it. Chloe can wow us with her 100 word vocabulary and Sage can bark back like a dog and yell at her to "SIT DOWN!"

5. Where are you in this video. I've never known you to turn down a soloist job.

Matt said...


laura said...

So glad to have witnessed that. Can you teach those little ones Cecilia so the whole family will be staring? Nate can really keep up the harmonica! My favorite was the disappearing tambourine player:) Tell Alex he is sure getting good!

Love you all!

Andrea Fowles said...

I love it! So fun! Jordan keeps telling me he wants to learn how to play the guitar to help our family with our musical efforts. What a fun video. Thanks for sharing.