Sunday, February 21, 2010

Going for Gold!!!

Our kids have always had a draw to the Olympics, especially Alex. Every Olympics the kids have loved to reenact their favorite event.
When Tyler was born he immediately joined Alex's bobsled team. I can't quite remember what the bibs around their heads were representing...helmets? At age two Alex's favorite movie was Cool Runnings. (February 2001)
The 2006 winter Olympics Nate joined the bobsled team.
This year the speed skating won out! It is so cute to hear Coopy talk about his favorite Olympic athlete, Apollo Ohno.
Yesterday Birch and Coopy tried their hand at the luge.
Speaking of sports...and sport injuries; poor Chloe got her first owee on Friday! She fell on the pavement. She was super brave but Mommy was a little sad that her precious knees were all cut up.

When not competing we are all fighting ear and sinuses infections, dry coughs, junky coughs, and sore throats. Good health please come back---we miss you!!!!


Mama Nirvana said...

I sure hope you guys feel better soon. That first picture is so precious -- your once little boys are so big now!


emily a. said...

Watching that luge video again I was thinking that your neighbors must get a kick out of watching the funny things your kids come up with. Are those paper skates the boys made?

Poor little Chloeworm.

To answer your questions- no mayo, just mustard or hummus. Fine, we'll wait a while to get a puppy. I'm thinking more of until we have a house and yard. And thanks for the sexy hair comment.

Leah said...

I love that your kids do this! I love that they have such great imaginations.

Matt said...

This is great....I'm anxious to see the pictures of you (Sara) competing!

kg said...

Grant loves Cool Runnings too! So fun to have them into the Olympics! And poor chloe :(

Get well soon!