Saturday, February 6, 2010

He sure can TOOT!!

Today Alex had the unique opportunity to participate in a solo ensemble at Central Washington University. He and two other classmates formed a trio several months ago and have been practicing diligently each week to be ready for this competition. There were no prizes given but they did receive some great feedback from the "judge." They were told that their pitch is better than many college students and then they were encouraged to pay attention to the "big words" on the sheet music (ie. Allargando, Piu mossu, etc...)I was really proud of Alex. He felt dumb that he didn't wear a tie to the ensemble. The last two weeks have been tough on him as he realized how much getting braces has really affected his pitch and airiness of his tone. I'm thankful that he did not give up and I'm sure he's going to learn some great tricks with playing the trumpet while having braces.

Here is a peak at their piece, Lakeside from Fantasia:

It was fun for me to spend some one-on-one time with Alex. What a kid!


Ditto Family said...

Mom, I think what you meant for the title is: He Sure Is Awesome!!


emily a. said...

I'll say it then Alex, you are AWESOME!! Sage is sitting her trying play a fake trumpet. She'll love a personal show this summer.

Kari said...

Hey Sara, thanks for the comment. My kids liked looking at your blog to see pictures of the kids. We're still just getting used to things. Miss you guys. Kari

The Ditto clan said...

He's so grown up!