Friday, February 12, 2010


We have just a couple of weeks left of the White Wolves basketball season. Birch has been coaching Alysee and Nate's YMCA basketball team. It has been a WILD and fun experience. I think these eleven five to eight year olds wear Birch out as much as his regular runs that he goes on. They have SO much energy!!!
This has been the first time that most of these kids have ever played basketball so Birch really had his work cut out. As you can tell from the picture...Birch is on FIRE!
Nate has enjoyed most of the season until...
he decided that he wasn't as good (or big) as the other players. This is hard for a kid that is a perfectionist and expects that he should be able to make all the baskets and never let an opposing player get passed him.
Alysee on the other hand knows even less about basketball but seems to enjoy flirting with all the cute boys on her team. She does seem to be getting a bit more confident as the season has progressed.
This is often what is going on after Saturday mornings basketball games. All the kids jump out of the mini-van and rush over to our own basketball court for a little game of H.O.R.S.E.

The basketball season should wrap up just in time to pull out our baseball cleats...I'm trying to get excited for sitting outside in the wind and cold.

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emily a. said...

Alysee flirts with boys? I'm excited to see that. That picture of Birch as the coach is priceless- so him.