Thursday, February 4, 2010


FLASH!!! Tyler brought in first place at this year's Pinewood Derby.
I'm almost a tad embarrassed because it is his second year winning but honestly Tyler truly built his car with his daddy's help (not the other way around).
Tyler designed a sleek car and did a fabulous paint job. The car stand was also built by Tyler with the help of carpenter Dad.
Districts are in a month and Tyler is anxious to see how his car does against the other cubs.
A proud cub scout!
Tyler pinning on the "Mother's Pin" for the Bear.

This was also a big pack meeting for Tyler because he earned his Bear. I'm going on my fourth year as assistant den leader so I am feeling pretty good about understanding the in's and out's of the cub scout program. Wish I could say the same about the boy scout program--Alex is now a boy scout and having to rely on Birch for most direction.

One thing I can say about all my years in cub is a good program!


The Cox Family said...

Okay, so we have our pine wood derby at the end of this month, and I want to know the secrets of a winning car!! Birch (Tyler) has to have some special trick up his sleeve, so, what is it???? Way to go Tyler!!!

kg said...

Grant is so excited to start cub scouts this year! Love your hair, am thinking of printing off a picture of you and taking it to my hair dresser :)

Mama Nirvana said...

Something for me to look forward to. I can't believe how big Tyler is now. And, darn it, Sara -- as soon as I start growing my hair out, you go and have the cutest short haircut ever. Jealous!


emily a. said...

Way to go Tyler!

Leah said...

Tyler, you rock!

Matt said...

Nice work Ty-Dawg!