Friday, February 5, 2010

My Sweet Valentine

Is it possible to post an excess of one child? The other day Alex was taking note of how many posts he was in so I know someone is keeping track. Birch took these pictures a month ago when we still had a bit of snow on the ground. They are just too cute not to share!
Chloe - 18 months
I love this shot with her big sister's boots all twisted up with Chloe's cute stance.

This girl is just about as sweet as they come...and boy does she have a sweet tooth. She could eat treats all day long if I would let her. We all love her juicy kisses!


Leah said...

Lucy and her definitely come from the same mold with the sweet tooth! She's a doll.

Mama Nirvana said...

Cutie pie!

emily a. said...

These shots are so adorable. I love that her pj's are so colorful against the white snow. She is a little pumpkin.

kg said...

Look at all that hair!! What a cutie :)