Monday, March 1, 2010

Darn it...why does she have to be so cute!

I seriously do know that I am a mother of SIX kids...not just one cutie patootie. Perhaps the camera seems to work better when Chloe is around? Or maybe it is just because she is home all the time? Or possibly because she still talks so nicely to her mommy and daddy and smothers them with kisses?

For whatever reason we can't seem to get enough of Chloe. Here she is debuting her super-sweet jacket that my mom made for all the little cousin girls. It is made out of super soft fleece with the cutest little pale pink fleece flowers. Chloe loves wearing her pretty coat.
Every day that daddy is at work Chloe will ask me at least a dozen times, "Daddy work?" She loves it when he comes home for lunch.
Chloe is a fast runner!

Please do notice the natural wave. This is BIG news at the Ditto house where we have always grown straight hair.
Chloe has lots of teeth and unfortunately mommy and daddy haven't been strong enough to take away her pacifier and bottle so her teeth are still being affected. She LOVES her "ba ba" (bottle) and has a very cute way of asking (begging) for her pacifier as well. It sure is hard to take away something that you know if going to affect ALL of our sleep for a while.
This girl loves going to the park or just playing on our own playground in the backyard.

Alex, Tyler, Alysee, Nate, Cooper...I promise to put you in the camera spotlight soon too!


emily a. said...

Sage and Chloe could be twins in those coats if Chloe didn't have 135x's the hair. And yes I agree, she's adorable.

kg said...

Yep, cutie! My mom made Gracie that coat it!

Matt said...

Even thought it will be warm, let's all bring these jackets for the 4 girls this summer to get a shot of them together!

Leah said...

So cute that one! And um...not all the girl cousins.

Keri_B said...

She is adorable, I love the jacket!