Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mother of the Year Competition

Without knowing it, my sister-in-law, Julia, has instigated a little "Mother of the Year" competition. Julia shared a delightful "mother" moment when she finds that she unknowingly sent her two year old on a play date with NO underwear under her cute little skirt.

I'm afraid I can out-do that one.
Thursday afternoon I was rushing around preparing for a meeting at the kids' elementary school for the upcoming jog-a-thon fundraiser. Originally I was going to go to the meeting myself but at the last minute most all the kids decided that they wanted to come. I made them swear that they would not say a word to me during the meeting, and that they would play quietly in the teacher's classroom. Upon arrival at the school we all jumped out the car, since I was running a few minutes late to the meeting, and the kids wanted to make it to the book fair in time before it closed.

About an hour later we had a break in our meeting and I took a quick tally of the kids. Um, where was Cooper?

Mom: "Did Cooper come back with you from the book fair?"

Kids: "Cooper didn't come with us to the book fair."

Mom: "Yes he did!"

Kids: "No he didn't. Did he even come with us to the school?"

Mom: "Yes, I buckled him in the car."


I ran out to the mini-van, which I might add was directly across from the classroom I was meeting in, and found one sad, crying boy buckled in his car seat exactly where I had left him one hour earlier. Coop has only asked me a few times since if next time we go to the school if I would unbuckle him and let him come too.

I think Coop completely forgave me after I took him to the store and let him pick out a candy JUST FOR HIM because Mommy was such a ding bat!

I know the outcome could have been tragic if this had happened in the summer. Thank goodness it didn't.

Anyone dare to out-do me for the "Mother of the Year" award??


Mama Nirvana said...

Scary, Sara. I have definitely had several "ding bat" moments. A good reminder to slow down a bit.


kg said...

Oh no! Poor little guy...and mommy. Yes, I think we've all had our moments!

laura said...

So sad! Sorry that he and you, both, had to go through that

emily a. said...

Poor little Cooper. I can imagine how sad he was but candy I'm sure helped erase his memory. You make up for things like this everyday though Sara, remember that.

jared said...

six kids is definitely a handful and it is easy to forget one in the car every once and awhile. Just think how difficult it is going to be in seven years when your mind has slipped a little bit and the caboose comes along.

Julia said...

Okay, that was pretty good. My parents completely left me in the church parking lot when I was a toddler and didn't realize it till they were halfway home. I'm glad we all survive somehow!

Leah said...

I'm crying I'm laughing so hard. That is so sad, yet so hilarious.