Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nate-dog Turns Six

Ever feel like you barely have time to breathe? That is the closest way I can think of to describe the past month. March has been filled with lots of fun events. Nate's sixth birthday was certainly a highlight!!
Nate is a fun kid to have around at meal time (well, most of the time). He is less picky than many of our kids and really enjoys his food. He knew exactly what he wanted to pick for his birthday dinner--spaghetti and meatballs (from Costco) and shrimp cocktail. As I have mentioned in the past, I am not much of a cake maker. I'm always trying to convince the kids to pick something else for their birthday dessert like rice crispy squares or popsicles. Nate really wanted a cake though...and mom delivered. I made the cake earlier in the day and then while I was gone at cub scouts Nate and Alex decorated it. What a cute SIX year old! We had a full day of celebrating. For lunch Birch and I decided to take just Nate out to Olive Garden. Whenever Birch and I are eating there we have thought how much Nate would enjoy eating there too. Nate loved the bread sticks, salad, and chose cheese filled raviolis with meat sauce for his main dish. After lunch we took Nate to Toys R' Us to pick out his FREE $3.00 gift from Geoffrey the giraffe. Nate choose a Tech Deck. That afternoon Nate, Tyler, and Alex made a dirt course for all their Flick Trix. Here Nate is taking his dirt bike Flick Trix down the course.

Nate is full of energy and a perfectionist at most anything he does. He is a very good athlete. Nate continues to be very artistic and loves to draw VERY detailed pictures. He started taking piano lessons a couple of months ago and has really enjoyed it so far. Nate is kind of like a tea pot that is always on the verge of boiling. We are working on learning how to help him control his temper (open to suggestions anyone?). He can be such a sweet boy and then just explode.

Another thing that we are just learning about Nathan is that he loves money. In fact the other day he said he would "die for money." I reminded him that money would be of no value to him then. Recently we have added an opportunity for the kids to earn a small amount of money if they do extra jobs after they have completed their daily jobs. This has turned Nate into an extra job maniac.

Nate has really blossomed academically this past year. We just has his parent/teacher conference yesterday and I was again impressed with what a smartie pants he is. He occasionally struggles with wanting to go to school but it is no where near the battle we were having at the beginning of the year.

The letter below was written to my mom two weeks ago prior to her having foot surgery. The first part of the letter talks about what he is going to do for his birthday and the end paragraph is written to my mom about her surgery.

"For breakfast we are having egg mcmuffins and sausage. Then we are going to go to Olive Garden and then after we are going to Olive Garden we are going to Toys R Us and for dinner are are having spaghetti and we are having shrimp and we are having meatballs.

I hope you have a good time at the surgery. And that you will learn on how you use the crutches.
Love, Nate"
(picture taken March 2006)

We are sure happy to have Nate as part of our family. Love you!!!


Mama Nirvana said...

What a sweet boy! It sounds like he had an amazing birthday!!!


laura said...

Thank you for sharing so much about Nate. We loved reading it. As handsome as he has grown up to be, I am still loving this old picture you posted last. My how they have grown!

emily a. said...

You've been a blogging maniac! Nate is a cutie. That cake is awesome Sara. Good work. I'm so impressed by his handwriting and the fact that he writes like that in kindergarten. Amazing!!!

Leah said...

Yeah!! I loved all these posts! Nate is such a handsome boy. We want to play with him. So glad Chloe is doing better, and hooray for girls trips! I'm jealous you got to have one on one time with Mom and Dad. They would probably invite me to do that with them if they could remember their middle child...