Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Remember back to your kindergarten days (actually it was probably more like first grade for us ol' timers) when you learning about patterns? Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow -- that was called an ABAB pattern. Then as you got really smart and you started grasping the concent of patterns your teacher threw in -- circle, circle, square, circle, circle, square or the AA B AA B pattern.
Well, the other day Nate exclaimed to Tyler, "Your teeth are kind of like a pattern." Teeth, teeth, no teeth, teeth, teeth, no teeth.
Mr. AA B AA B Man

I had a little talk with Tyler about Nate's comment not being an insult just a stage in life. We all go through "AA B AA B" times. I then pulled out my scrapbook to prove to him my awkward teeth years...guess I didn't keep any of those pictures. Tyler does have some strange teeth issues. He just had two teeth pulled in hopes that it would help some funky adult teeth issues (like coming in sideways or twisted). Then to top that off he had two other teeth that naturally fell out. He told me that he tried to keep them in as long as possible but they just couldn't stay in any longer. I laughed when he told me that when he took his one tooth into the school secretary/nurse he told her that he would probably be in later that day with another tooth. Ah...the pre-teen years.

Tyler trying to look tough! He's such a sensitive big-hearted kid!

Alysee also lost her second bottom tooth. It's strange how you wait sooooo long to have your teeth start coming out and then you are so scared to pull them out.
We tried one night to bribe Alysee with a dollar if she would just pull the dang tooth out. Daddy tried his best to "help" get it out but in the end the dollar was put back in the family piggy bank and Alysee held out for another day until it practically fell out.
Alysee commented several times that she just wished Ami lived closer so she could pull her tooth out. My mom, Ami, was always the teeth-puller-outer-woman at my house growing up. She pulled out Alysee's first tooth last November.

Teeth...can't live with them. Can't live without them!


Jessica said...

Tyler & Alysee...You both look so grown up! Can't wait to see you both this summer!

kg said...

Yup, gotta have those teeth! When did you get your braces Sara? My told Grant us Grant will need braces!

emily a. said...

I can't believe Alysee wants mom to pull our teeth. I was so nervous for her to touch mine.

You look great Tyler.

laura said...

ditto to Jessica's comment. I CAN"T WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL THIS SUMMER!