Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Hits

The flowers are blooming and the sun is out--YES, spring is here. I have quite a few less tulips in my front yard due to Coop's "project" where he cut off over a dozen blooming tulips. Luckily he did leave a little stem on each of them so we have been able to enjoy them in the house.

Spring Break has come and gone. Alex and Tyler each did a sports camp for the first three days. Besides the weather being quite chilly, Alex did enjoy having three days to focus on brushing up his baseball skills. We are now full swing into the majors Little League season.

Tyler enjoyed another year at Track Camp. The high school track team does a great job putting together several packed mornings of trying out all the different events. On the last day Tyler competed in the 200, 100, hurdles, and a relay team.
Look at Tyler fly over that hurdle!!
Tyler wrapped up the last leg of the relay race.

The rest of the week the kids enjoyed long play dates with friends, a case of the throw up flu, and even one episode of strep throat. The highlight of the week though was a visit from my sister-in-law, Annie and her three little kids. Annie and I spent a day and half cranking out these cute fabric flowers while the kids over took the house, played outside, and ate pizza. It was a great way to celebrate the week!
Alysee totally looks like a little Russian grandma to me in this picture with her scarf wrapped around her head.

Easter weekend was spent enjoying listening to General Conference on the internet, an afternoon Easter egg hunt, and sharing dinner with our wonderful neighbors.
Coop loved the competition and the opportunity to load up on Easter candy. Several months ago I found all the Halloween candy I had bought and then couldn't remember where I had hidden it. So I planned on using that to fill the eggs but in the end once again I couldn't remember where I hid it. Do I have dementia? So most of the candy that I could gather up Sunday morning didn't actually fit in the eggs. Tyler made little notes to put in the eggs for everyone to redeem candies and coins after the hunt.
Chloe was in candy heaven opening and attempting to chew the four year old Starburst that I did find to fill the eggs with.
I didn't let the kids down though in the bread department. I whipped out our cute bunny bread (I just made homemade dough and then used this link to know how to shape it) and we gobbled it up with Zesty Italian Chicken, rice, and a strawberry fruit salad.

Stick around spring...


So Many M's said...

You are right Alysee looks like a Russian Grandma. I was also thinking the wicked witch from the West with the puppy (or whatever it is) in her basket. Too cute. Question, is your Bunny Bread just regular bread dough you've shaped into a bunny or some other flavored bread recipe? It is soo cute.

Matt said...

I can't stop laughing about the candy fiasco....let's be honest, nothing has changed since we were kids.

Mary Jane said...

And the neighbors loved having dinner with your family. It was great fun! And for those of you wondering, the bread bunny was delicious as was the rest of the meal. Sara, I'm constantly in awe of all you do.

emily a. said...

Matt speaks true words about the candy. Poor kids get IOU's for easter. Did you ever find the candy?

Way to go Tyler!

kg said...

Looks like you've been busy enjoying spring! Enjoyed the update...loove the bread bunny!

laura said...

i want to hear more about Cooper's "project"