Saturday, May 22, 2010

Girls vs. Boys

It's not often at our house that we do gender segregation activities. So when the annual Father/Son's Campout comes around there is quite the hoopla. Alysee started writing up her list of things that the Girls were going to do weeks before the camp-out arrived.
We made it just about all the way through Alysee's list. She was very helpful getting the boys all packed and out the door so we could start our fun. After the boys left, us girls walked to McDonald's for dinner. We even topped off dinner with ice cream cones. After bathtime we put Chloe to bed and Alysee and I made beaded bracelets. Then we climbed into my bed and watched an American Girl movie and ate popcorn. The next morning I thought it would be fun to take the girls garage saleing. I've decided that I will reserve that activities for ME since it was no fun listening to Alysee whine about being hungry, hot, and thirsty. Chloe was a good sport but getting her in and out of her carseat is no picnic. The rest of the afternoon we enjoyed at home.

Meanwhile...up at Camp Zarahemla
The boys were having a ball. They lucked out and got to share a tent with their good friends so the evening was spent roasting hotdogs and marshmallows and running around with their friends. There were over 200 Fathers and Sons up camping so they had lots of others to entertain them.
Alex worked on finishing his First Class Boy Scout stuff by helping cook breakfast for 200+. He loved running around with his friends and the rope swing.
Coop loved EVERY minute of the trip--the peeing, the dirt, and hanging out with daddy.
I was tempted to spray this kid off when he got home with the hose. It was filthy!!!
Nate caught a fish just after they finished eating dinner. Apparently it was quite a tasty fish too.
He also loved playing on the wooden play set.
But Nate's very favorite part of the trip was the rope swing. He wore that thing out!!!
Tyler loved running around with his friends, stuffing his face with s'mores, and whittling.
Not a great picture but for memories I had to include this shot of the boys all canoeing.

I think it was a win-win weekend for the Girls and the Boys!


emily a. said...

Not only is the wire strategically placed on the picture of Coop peeing but that is so classic little boy. Good shot Birch.

Sounds like a great weekend!

Kari said...

Hey Sara, We miss Yakima! I wish we had Oreo instead of the dog. Todd tells me if it doesn't work out we can get rid of it- we'll see. I'm hoping to visit in the Fall to can more applesauce. Love your blog. Kari

Matt said...

Oh man.... I miss father and sons campouts. Great trip for both and I see Birch's photo skills have improved greatly!

laura said...

Now, I know why I haven't been able to get a hold of any of you. You are all to busy having fun!

cartoon cartoon said... ...America = Mutilation Nation. You Americans need to be told to protect rather than harm boys. You wouldn't do this to your girls. It's about genital equality.