Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lucky Number Four

Look who just celebrated his fourth birthday!!

Coop has been anticipating his birthday for quite some time now. He has been telling me for months that on his birthday he wants to fly to Hawaii, go to the beach, see Grannie and Ami and Poppi, and have a race car cake.
Well, not all his wishes came true...but he did get a race car cake AND Hawaiian pizza for dinner (that's almost like going to Hawaii, right?)
As I have written in the past I have never been a cake woman. The idea for this cake came from an adaptation of a yummy ice cream cake that our neighbors shared with us over Easter, only this was much easier. It consisted of a layer of mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches, then a layer of cool whip, repeated three times. Then I just covered it all with cool whip and topped it with a chocolate race car that I got on clearance after Easter for like .40 cents. The cake was devoured quickly!
After church we cooked our Papa Murphy's pizza and headed to the park for the afternoon. The weather was beautiful and since we rarely go to the park on Sunday it made the afternoon extra special. Nate was such a sweet brother and gave Cooper $2.00 of his very own money. Knowing how much Nate values money it made the gift all that more special.
Coop was delighted with his new back hoe and dump truck he received from us. We have peat gravel in our sandbox at home to negate any possible cat problems and keep the sand out of the house so it was extra fun to spend the afternoon in the huge sandbox at the park.
Chloe was also lovin' Coop's gift. Good thing there are two new trucks so sharing wasn't an issue.
Cooper has been such a wonderful addition to our family. If I were to describe Coop in just a couple of words they would be: Funny, Messy, Loving. Coop talks A LOT...get him on the phone and you might be tempted to put him on mute. He says very cleaver things but mostly just funny stuff. Messy...this is mostly in the department of his clothing. Coop shares a room with his three other brothers. For some reason Coop feels the need DAILY to dump out his shirt and pants drawers to find the perfect outfit. It drives Alex nuts!!! In fact the other day Alex was getting after Coop for making their room so messy. Coop felt bad and ran and hid in his bed. After a while he came out and said with great emotion to Birch, "At least I am a brother." Being one of the "brothers" is so important to Coop. He is such a loving kid. I'm guaranteed at least one big hug a day. Love this kid!!!


emily a. said...

I love how Cooper always talks about being a brother too. He's such a sweetie and I loved getting to know him better when we watched the kid.

By the way, Chloe looks a LOT like you Sara when you were little in that picture- the scrunchy nose and everything.

Matt said...

He's a good boy indeed. Tell him Happy birthday from us!

laura said...

so sweet