Sunday, May 9, 2010

M.O.M.M.A.'s DAY

I just got done opening the most precious handmade cards from all the kids. Alysee gave me enough gift certificates that I ought to be able to spend the week eating bon bons and reading a good book. Birch gave me the best gift ever...while I was gone at Women's Conference he weaned Chloe of her pacifier and bottle. Good thing Birch hasn't told me where he hid all the pacifiers because I would have been tempted several times this past week to sneak Chloe a little pacifier time as she was throwing her pre-two year old temper tantrums.

Crazy how you love your kiddos but count down the minutes until they are all in bed. Here's a shout out to all the wonderful mommas that have touched my life!!!


emily a. said...

That was the gift of love- weaning Chloe. We need to do that with the binki too. NOT looking forward to it. Does Birch want to come over and take Sagey for us?

So true about loving them but looking OH SO forward to bedtime!

kg said...

Glad you're day was wonderful, you deserve it :)

laura said...

Love your bright red lip stick. I swear you have gotten cuter with each kid!