Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mountain Man Conquers ABH 2010

A week ago I kissed goodbye to my clean shaven hubby only to have him return to me as a grizzly hairy dude. This is kind of comical to me because I remember in my teenage years distinctly telling my one of my best friends that I would never marry a hairy guy. I wanted someone whose skin was soft and supple and hairless...
it's amazing how true love can just as quickly blink away those petty teenage desires. Instead I married a hairy hunk! Most of the year Birch's facial hair is obsolete until the blessed ABH (all-brother's hike) comes around.

This year ABH was EXTRA big--if you can imagine that. I think the brothers have just about everything minus their underwear embroidered with their ABH logo. ABH started ten years ago with Birch's dad passed away. All the boys loved hiking with their dad and they wanted to keep that tradition going and make sure that they built in plenty of opportunities to keep their friendship and brotherhood strong.

Marking the ten year anniversary and the reuniting of Andrew (the youngest brother who had been serving a mission) plus welcoming in an almost brother-in-law made for some strong desires to go somewhere memorable. Everyone was super bummed that Vaughn wasn't able to make it this year--just isn't the same when not all the brothers are together. Plans came together months ago and the brothers all bought plane tickets to Vegas where their adventure began.

ABH 2010 - Grand Canyon/Zions
Awesome picture of North Creek
North Creek (apparently Ryan is pointing to his embroidered hat as opposed to what I thought of pretending to shoot himself)

Isn't this the coolest looking tunnel? -- Subway
All the bros' at Subway - back row (Andrew, Ryan (soon to be bro-in-law), Kelly, Birch); front row (Brent, Logan)
Birch at the Grand Canyon
Birch using his rock climbing skills at Lady Mountain.
Another obstacle to overcome at Lady Mountain.

Group shot on top of Lady Mountain

Totally cool shot at Buckskin Gulch.
Bryce Canyon
Fun shot at Bryce Canyon

Birch had a wonderful time with his brothers and loved putting our new wide angle lens to good use. This year was a bit different with doing day hikes so Birch enjoyed a lighter pack and eating some good restaurant food throughout the trip.

I paid the kids a dime for each night they stayed in bed--totally worth every penny. I was always worn out and ready for quiet time by the time evening fell. We all missed him like the dickens at home but we survived. I sure missed having that warm hairy body to sleep next to :)


emily a. said...

What a fun trip! Those pictures are fantastic. I can't wait to see more.

Matt said...

I feel a tinge of jealousy every year about this time when this inevitable post is posted. Looks like a great trip!

Leah said...

Looks like the wide angle was worth every penny. Looks like an amazing trip!

laura said...

Loved the pictures. Birch, I have been canyoneering in Subway and Buckskin Gulch. Fun to see you pictures of them! Totally jealous though of your trip. I am sure going to miss some good hiking this summer!

The Trumans said...

That made me laugh so hard about the grizzly face coming! By the way, Matt + I fell in love on that Subway hike..(sigh)