Thursday, May 6, 2010


This past week I returned from a long weekend away with my mom and a couple of my sisters. The main purpose of the trip to Utah was to attend the annual BYU Women's Conference. I have never been able to go and I was ready to have my spiritual bucket filled. Originally I had hoped that all my sisters and mom would be able to attend the conference together but in the end it became a mommy/daughter trip. My mom and I had a great time together. Even though it had been years since my mom was a student at BYU she was still so good at navigating around campus.

We took advantage of most all the things that the conference offered. The first day was probably my favorite. We narrowed down the plethora of classes to attend and choose three really inspiring classes. After attending our first class we learned that we could attend the same class with audio only but have the opportunity to do service projects while we listened. I have a hard time sitting forever (especially on those hard bleacher seats) so being able to do something with my hands while listening to the great speakers was a perfect balance for me. Unfortunately, neither my mom or I had a camera with us so you will just have to imagine us tieing quilts and making these darling little bracelets for babies that die at infancy.

Here are a few highlights from the classes I was able to attend:

  • Our trials are tailored to our lives
  • How we react to adversity effects generations to come
  • Learn to act on faith not on worry
  • There are three guarantees in life (we will have challenges, we will have the opportunity to serve, we have the knowledge that we will see God face to face)
  • Life is a garden...we harvest daily our actions
  • The stresses around us can cause FEAR. We need to go forward with FAITH.
  • It is amazing how much we can get done when we don't worry about who gets the credit.
  • Service involves sacrifice
  • Selfishness breaks up families
  • Whatever battles we need to fight need to be done with faith
  • Whatsoever is truth is LIGHT--fill your house with LIGHT.
  • When facing adversity remember: "The day will come and you will understand and then you would have it no other way."
  • Prayer can help us decide what we should take on
  • It is never too late to delegate
  • Wherever a haven is created is pushes back darkness
  • A haven can only be created with heavenly help
  • Pray for the love that allows you to see the good in others
  • Don't attack the person...attack the situation
  • "Normal" is only a setting on your dryer
  • Love is a journey not a destination
  • Beside every good man is a women who loves the Lord
  • God doesn't care nearly as much where you have been as where you are going
  • It is not fair to judge past decisions with present knowledge

My sister, Leah and her family hosted my mom and I in their AMAZING new house they just built in Mapleton, UT. We were treated like queens with the most delicious meals and comfy accommodations. I loved being able to spend some time with Leah's two kids. I can't wait for my kids to get to spend some time with their cousins this summer.
Back at the ranch...the kids were having fun with daddy. I was totally impressed with this picture of Chloe and her braids that daddy whipped up Sunday morning. Not only does this man cook up a mean pot of mac n' cheese but he also braids. Other than three bouts of pink eye and a few sore throats, the kids didn't miss me a bit and loved all the daddy attention. I'm so grateful to Birch for making it possible for me to attend the conference and enjoy a couple of extra days with my family.

Can't wait for my next opportunity to attend BYU Women's Conference!


Robyn said...

Your outfit! LOVE IT!

And I love the advice that you can't just past decisions with present knowledge. It's along the lines of something I've been thinking a lot about lately. . . .

Thanks for sharing!

emily a. said...

I can't believe Chloe's hair is so long that you can braid it. I'm very impressed. No Indian pony tails (how un PC were we) for your girls!

Glad you had such great trip!

Leah said...

So fun to have some one on one time with you. And my face still thanks you for the facial. Love you and can't wait for August and all the fun we'll have with the kids.

laura said...

Sara, thank you for sharing what you learned at Women's Conference, that was the one thing I was hoping to hear from you and mom, and didn't get the chance. So, thank you!