Friday, June 18, 2010


The end of the school year also brought the end to two big accomplishments by three boys.
Nate joined the ranks with Tyler of running a 50 miles during the school year's mileage club. This means that once a week for about 2/3 of the school year Nate ran his little heart out right before he ate his lunch. I think he might be the first kindergartner at our elementary school to have accomplished this amazing feat.
Tyler hit the 50 mile mark mid year. He finished the school year up at about 82 miles. At the beginning of the school year one of Birch's co-workers challenged Tyler to run 100 miles this year. If Tyler was able to meet this goal then he was promised a personalized sweatshirt. Tyler missed a few days of mileage club when he had the swine flu this past fall and then with the poor weather several of the mileage club days were canceled during the year. Tyler wrote Birch's co-worker a letter and asked if he could run additional miles after school and count them toward his 100 mile goal. The reply was "YES," so Tyler and Nate started running after school once or twice a week a couple of months ago. Tyler was able to pull off a whopping 100 miles this school year!

Both Tyler and Nate received honor at school during the final school assembly of the year. Way to go!!!

Alex also had an AMAZING season of baseball. He played on the Majors Braves team. It was a challenging year for him being one of the youngest players on the team (therefore lacking in the height, facial hair (no kidding), and extra year of experience). Though the year started out to be a bit humbling for Alex (which mom and dad thought was a pretty good thing) Alex really came out shinning.
He had an awesome pitching season. His coaches were the cream of the crop and really built Alex up in his skills and confidence.
The team ended up second in the league and played hard through the final tournament. Outside of the spring being pretty darn nasty in the weather department the family loved cheering him on (while stuffing their faces with candy and peanuts that mom supplied). The final game was a bit tearful for Alex as he loves the game so much and just didn't want to see it end.

We're sure proud of our boys!!!


emily a. said...

That's amazing Nate- 50 miles? I can't remember the last time I ran 5.

Tyler, so cool. I can't wait to see your sweatshirt when you get it.

Alex, awesome shots. I'm excited we'll get to come to your games next year.

Ditto Family said...

I need one of those pictures hung up on my wall! I am already dieing not playing any baseball right now.

Leah said...

What talented kids you have! Boys, I'm so proud of you!! Tyler, maybe we can go running together when you're here in August?

laura said...

wow, I am so so impressed! You three boys are defintly taking after both your families to love sports so much. I was really impressed with the shots of Alex pitching - wholly cow, he looks professional! Tyler and Nathan you to are amazing. I can't believe you are fitting in so much running when you are at school ... dedication! I can't wait till our little bundle is born, so I can start trying to catch up with you running. I think you two have got me beat though!