Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chloe Turns Two!!!

While in Spokane Chloe celebrated the BIG TWO. Chloe and Blayre share the same birthday so it was appropriate that the two birthday girls were together on their special day.

For Blayre's shower we made 80 of these super cute cake pops. The kids all thought they were so tasty that I decided to whip some up for Chloe's birthday treat. For some reason the purple chocolate turned out more grey but with all the colorful sprinkles they were still cute.

We had to get creative with blowing out the candles.
Chloe loved every little bit of her cake pop.

Chloe Ruth tops off our family like the perfect cherry.
Every little bit of this girl has been loved since the day she joined our family.

Chloe is a silly girl. Much to her momma's dismay (because she dumps several drawers a day) Chloe goes through multiple outfits. She loves purses, bracelets, sunglasses, and sneaking in her sister's stuff for yummy forbidden treats.
She loves being outside and we often find little piles of flowers that she has graciously picked for us.
"ME," "I DO," spill out of her mouth freely. She wants to do EVERYTHING herself. As you might guess this sometimes causes a bit of a struggle. The other day I went in to get her out of her bed after a nap and found her naked. She is getting very good at taking her diaper off. The good news is she is also getting quite regular at going potty in the toilet. Yesterday she even surprised us all by going poopy in the toilet. Hallelujah!! I'm not going to push the potty training for another month but I'm salivating at the thought of not buying any more diapers.
Chloe has a cute big tummy and just the perfect amount of curl in her hair. Alysee and I are both jealous over the curls! Chloe LOVES doggies ("ruffs"), our neighbor Don ("I play Don?"--she often asks), will do about anything for a piece of candy or gum, reading stories late into the night (she and Alysee are our night owls), coloring (especially on things she is not supposed to color on), kissing her mommy and daddy, and TALKING (she is non-stop these days--we can understand almost anything she says).

Here's a fun little video that Birch took a couple of weeks before her birthday. She has even improved in talking since this was made. She looks a bit like a rag muffin in this video.

Love this girl!! (Please do notice how good her bite looks--she has been off her pacifier since the end of April and her teeth/bite look almost 100% better.)


emily a. said...

Chloe is so adorable and she looks so grown up in the bday pictures. I cannot wait to see you guys in 2 weeks!

Such a good talker too. Tell Chloe she's not allowed to teach Sage the word 'mine' though.

Leah said...

Chloe, happy birthday. We missed it! We love you though and think you are such a big girl!