Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gap2Gap 2010

The Ditto kids were at it again...only this time in two different teams.

Competing in the 6-7 year old division:


Competing in the 11-12 year old division (you compete in the category that the oldest teammate is in):


I would summarize the experience as stressful, super sunny, major willpower, and determination.

Because we kept each team with just two members, each of the kids competed in two or three events. This meant they each needed to be someplace different at different times. Birch and I each had maps with where the kids needed to be for their trade-off points. Oh my...stressful!! Especially when our tag-a-longs Cooper and Chloe would say they needed to go the bathroom or wanted a snack and we didn't have any time built in for such trivial things like that. : )
Making sure all the kids had all the stuff they needed was tricky!
Nate and Tyler had to haul around their in-line skates since we all had armfuls of stuff/kids to be responsible for.

TEAM "DITTO our dust"
At 8:40 am Tyler (team Ditto Duo) took off for the one mile run.

He passed off his wristband to Alex for the 2.5 mile bike course.
By then Tyler had run to the in-line skating start point and was ready for Alex to pass off the wristband. This portion included technical and speed components. Tyler did awesome!

The last leg of Tyler's skating portion was around the little lake. Alex was there waiting to grab the wristband and then hop in the kayak and circle around the lake.
Finally, Alex jumped out of the kayak and started his run to go through the obstacle course and then to the finish line.

Both boys were pretty wiped out when they finished.

They are already both talking about next year. What should their team name be? Should they try their hand at the iron-man?

At 9:20 am Alysee kicked off the 3/4 mile running portion of the 6-7 year old race. She looked so much happier when she finished her run than she did last year.

Nate was SO worried about being in the right place at the right time. He was ready and waiting for Alysee with his bike to compete in the 1.4 mile bike ride. I might add this was no ride around the park ride--he had several big hills that he had to bike up. He look exhausted when his finished.

Without any rest, Nathan strapped on his in-line skates immediately after his biking leg. Unfortunately we couldn't find anyone else that was able to do the in-line skating portion of the race. Nate has owned skates for a year but he hasn't really had much practice since last summer. So this past week he practiced each day in the driveway. All I can say is this kid was brave. He had a big hill to go down and quite a bit of distance to cover. He fell several times but kept getting up (eager to be done with the race).
Alysee was anxiously awaiting for Nate to pass off the wristband to her so she could wrap the race up with the obstacle course and then the race to the finish line. She came running to the finish line with a big smile on her face.
Meanwhile Nate was crying and telling me very passionately that he "never wanted to do that again until he dies."
It didn't take him too long to perk up, though. He's decided that if he participates next year it will not be in any of the events that he was in this year. Alysee was much more energetic this year at the end of the race. I think it helped that she was another year older and also competing with her own age group.

We were so lucky to have great weather!! We all got sunburns but it actually was so nice after having so much rain this past month (just read that it has been the wettest May since 1948). All the kids were sore today.

Birch is gearing up for a Sprint Triathlon in a month. Myself??...I'm feeling like life is the biggest marathon I can handle right now. Perhaps I'll throw in an occasional walk?

Way to go team DITTO DUO and BOLT!!!


Matt said...

This is just such an impressive post. I so proud of my niece and nephew and for that matter their parents for pulling off the pit crew duty!

emily a. said...

I am so amazed and impressed too. Way to go Nate, Alysee, Tyler and Alex! I couldn't do the races they did.

I was just telling Ryan how I'd love to have our kids join up in a few years too- what an awesome tradition and thing to be involved in.

Will we be in town for Birch's race?

kg said...

Way to go..both teams!

Leah said...

Amazed. You guys rock.

Annie Ditto said...

So Fun! Wish we could have been there! Your Oregon post is awesome too! What a fun trip!! We're counting the days til you're here and get to hang out with us!

Keri_B said...

Your kids are awesome!! Nate is hilarious,that boy cracks me up.