Monday, June 28, 2010

Scout Encampment 2010

Alex recently had the privilege of attending a HUGE Scout Encampment at Camp Fife. This was an extra special year since the Boy Scouts of America are commemorating the 100th anniversary of scouting. Many of the Washington LDS troops decided to join together in a massive scout camp with 14 stakes in attendance. Alex was granted permission to attend even though he was a few weeks shy of his twelfth birthday. One of the major highlights for the week for Alex was that Birch was able to a good chuck of camp with him. Alex's favorite times were when he and Birch would go off and have some daddy/son time--something that is rare at house when you have to share your daddy with five other siblings. Alex canoeing Tomahawk throwing Alex was working on his Wilderness Survival merit badge. One night he had to make a shelter for him to sleep in by himself. It said that he was a little nervous to sleep by himself but the bigger challenge was that he was freezing--he missed his tent buddies that kept him warm on the other nights. Archery Riffle shooting
Ultimate freebie game
Alex was able to attend with a fun group of boys from church.

Alex didn't just play the whole time he always worked hard toward five different merit badges: Environmental Science, Wilderness Survival, Emergency Preparedness, Riffle Shooting, and Engineering. I was impressed with the balance of providing fun activities along with some great spiritual firesides in the evenings. What a great experience!!


emily a. said...

awesome alex.

laura said...

That looks like so much fun Alex. I taught boy scouts all last year at a Camp Fife near us for their environmental science/water quality badges, so I got to see all the fun activities you get to do. Lucky!

Matt said...

This is great...brings back so many memories! Long live scout camp!