Sunday, June 20, 2010

Smooches...big time

There were a whole lot of kisses going on mid June. Birch's littlest sister, Blayre got HITCHED!!! We are so excited to officially welcome Ryan Maynes into the Ditto family. Hopefully he is ready for all of us. The two lovebirds met each other before they each served a mission for our church but the real flame didn't start until they laid eyes on each other after they returned from their missions. It was so fun to be part of this wild love affair.
These photos were taken by my sister-in-law's dad, Roger
Love this picture! I think it would have been Blayre's daddy's favorite shot. In fact I bet he was sitting on the fence post right next to them not wanting to miss a minute of this wonderful occasion. Love this picture too! Ahh, young love!!! The sisters-in-law all put on a little bridal shower for the family and close friends the night before the wedding. It was so nice to have a few moments to "relax" with all the family members after a long day of decorating for the reception. Some of the cousin girls waiting for Blayre and Ryan. This is such a fun shot of some of the nieces and nephews all peaking in to the temple waiting for the married couple of come out. Man, do Blayre and Ryan have a lot of people that love them! Can you believe that all these kids (one more to arrive any day) have joined the family in the past twelve years? Blayre has always been a favorite aunti! Not sure what is up with my crooked foot--other than that this is the cutest picture with all the frills. After the wedding Ryan's family put on a delicious luncheon at a nearby pavilion. They had everything decorated really nicely and the food was really tasty. Chloe couldn't handle another minute of the fun. We looked over during lunch and her head was just bobbing. This picture doesn't do justice to how beautiful the reception hall was. Seriously it was the most spectacular wedding that I have been to inside an LDS cultural hall (which can be hard to dress up). There was this amazing false ceiling and then little white lights under all the table that just made the room so soft and warm when the lights were dimmed. The refreshments were CRAZY delicious!! I'm serious--everything from a thousand homemade Oreo truffles, chocolate dipped Oreos, homemade cake pops and cupcakes, and then tasty tropical fruit sorbet inside of oranges, coconuts, and pineapples. Oh and I almost forgot...HUNDREDS of Cinnabon cinnamon rolls. I think everyone left the reception on a sugar high and rolling away in yumminess. Holding on to Ditto tradition we had a family talent show at the wedding. Sounds crazy but it is a totally normal thing at a Ditto wedding. The brothers put on a great number singing "I'm Yours." Love the wigs!!

Birch's sister, Tavia choreographed all the little girls in the cutest dance to the music "Circle of Life." The boys all joined for the final few minutes of the number. It was extra special because Blayre danced to this song at our wedding reception almost fourteen years ago. Chloe watched the whole talent show from Grannie's lap. It was getting late but she was on a sugar high so she still had quite a bit of energy. Chloe had us cracking up because she found the bowl of lemon drops on the table and started sucking them and then sticking them between her toes. Daddy can't get enough of this cute girl! Love this girl! I think both girls felt like princesses the whole night in their poofy pettiskirts. The lanterns were such a fun touch for decorating. A cloud of bubbles sent off the happy married couple. We snuck in a family picture. Off go the two lovebirds!!

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laura said...

LOVED this post! How did all those boys with such increadible voices end up in the same family! Wish I could sing like that! Congrats Blayre. We are so so excited for you and Ryan