Sunday, July 25, 2010


There has been a lot of baby talk at our house lately. My brother, Matt and his family were just blessed with a sweet baby a few weeks ago. I love hearing my brother and my sister-in-law share how much they love being able to say "girls" now when referring for this children. I also love how families can be created in so many different ways.
Sofia and Lizzie Jane

Then to top that off my sister Emily (who is at this minute on her way driving to my house to be my neighbor--YeeHaw!!!) had a precious little girl two weeks ago. Emily and her husband are just smitten with their girls too.

Sage and Mila Naomi

Then five day ago a dear friend gave birth to her fifth child. I felt like a stalker as I kept calling for updates on the labor. I had the privilege this week of snuggling up with sweet baby Eli just days old. Yesterday Birch and I went to do a little photo shoot to capture some of that sweetness that was just shared with us from God. They turned out so precious!
Eli Leon

So with all this baby talk I am not surprised how much of Chloe's life recently has been revolving around her baby doll. Yesterday night it was 10 pm and she was still awake reading her baby stories. Then after church today she spent a good fifteen minutes changing her baby's diaper and doing such a good job at getting all those poopies off.

All this baby talk is getting me excited for my little sister Laura to give birth to her first child early September and to meet Birch's sister's baby that is due any moment (actually many moments ago). Babies Are A Gift From God. I'm grateful for my six babies (and I feel quite complete--this is not an announcement)!


Julia said...

Oh alright. When I started reading this post, I thought for a minute that you had forgotten your past declaration of NO MORE BABIES. I still say, we'll see when you're 42:)

laura said...

Love Julia's comment. Jared would agree. Okay, but in all seriousness, all this baby stuff has been exciting. I just got finished taking care of a two month old, and I couldn't be more excited to meet our little girl soon!

Matt said...

We love all the babies coming to our family....can't wait to see them all together soon.