Friday, July 23, 2010

Beaming with Pride

Twelve years ago I was laying on the couch with a really sore bum, emotional, and feeling the most love that I had ever known. Alex was born just four weeks after I graduated from Oregon State University. It was a transitional time for our family with preparing to move four weeks later to Montana for Birch to attend Physical Therapy graduate school.

My labor was the hardest thing I had ever done in my life; I thought (and wanted) to die several times during it (I had not be enlightened on God's invention of the epidural with this labor). In the end Alex was vacuumed out and minutes later the nurse said, "He has a weird ear." I was thinking after so much work and now he has a weird ear? I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and certainly inexperienced in motherhood.

We brought home Alex to our stuffy hot apartment and wondered what to do next. Could he hear? Would kids make fun of him? Was his ear like this because I snuck on that Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland when I was four months pregnant with Alex?
Zip forward twelve years and I am now standing next to a boy that is turning into a young man. Alex loves to point out to me that he is almost as tall as me and we wear almost the same size shoes and will be going to Junior High this school year. Alex has shown bravery time after time as he has undergone reconstructive outer and inner ear surgeries. He is kind to his siblings, smarter than his mommy, athletic, and all around a great kid.
Alex received several gifts this year that will benefit him in all his scouting years ahead of him. He also got a big bottle of Nutella which he has been savoring.
What did he wish for?? I heard him say today that he wished he had underarm hair.

We are so proud to be Alex's parents! This is a big birthday for Alex as he will now be attending boy scouts and youth group each week. Even more important this year is that he will receive the aaronic priesthood. Alex will now have the opportunity to pass the sacrament on Sundays. He is anxious to fulfill his duties to God. I'm so thankful that his relationship with God is such a high priority to Alex.

Love this kid!!


kg said...

Happy Birthday Alex! What a great post and I think he looks more like you Sara in that last pic...and I'm loving your shirt :)

emily a. said...

i can't believe you are 12 now Alex. Sad about the sore bum Sara. Front bum or back bum in your words?

love alex's wish. I remember wishing for my period. what was i thinking...

laura said...

Alex, I am do proud of all you have accomplished. You were my best bud when you were born! I could barely let you go.

Matt said...

Alex, I remember you just as a tiny little thing. You have grown into such a great guy! Happy birthday.