Monday, July 19, 2010

Extreme Makeover

Recently our home had a little exterior home make over. Not the fun kind that anyone else notices but the kind that keeps you feeling all safe and sound. We got a new roof!!! When we bought our house we knew we had about three to five years left on the roof. Well, we maxed out the whole five years and thought we better not risk a roof leak. We already experienced water damage once this year...and that is enough for us for a lifetime.

The picture doesn't adequately show all the roof damage. Our roof was actually part of a class action lawsuit against the manufacturing company. The settlement closed a couple of years ago and we came out with about $300.00. Oh yeah! Anyway, after each wind storm we would find more shingles on the ground and more curling away on the roof.

We went with Certainteed Black Walnut 30 year shingles. Before we chose the style and color Birch and I spent a lot of time picking out what we want to have the house painted like next year. That was way more fun then choosing the roof color. Now I'm just itchin' to have the house painted. The trim work that is peeling stands out so much more that the roof is so crisp and dark. Patience...
It was amazing how fast the roofers worked at stripping down the house and then three days later having a completed whole new roof.

I also experience a little EXTREME MAKEOVER myself this past weekend. I took the kids up to my sister-in-law's lake house near Seattle this past week. We soaked in the sun for HOURS. I got really burned the first day so the rest of the week I was pretty careful. My lips were especially dry so I kept applying Eucerin to them. By Friday I could tell that my lips were feeling a bit swollen. Saturday they were noticeably larger than normal.

Then Sunday morning I woke up to these puppies:

Don't even think I am puckering out that bottom lip. That is all real!
I could see my bottom lip by looking down. I've always been generously endowed (in the lips department) but this was overboard. One of Birch's brother's suggested that I might need a permit to walk around.
No kidding...I was a real treat to look at.

I'm thankful to say that after some prayers, ice, and lots of moisturizer I am just about back to normal. They went through a couple of days of blistering and pealing. I kept just thinking about how terrible it would be to be seriously burned.

Rest assured that I will never be standing in line for Botox!


Leah said...

I'm sorry, but this is the funniest thing I think I've EVER seen. Seriously, why did you never tell me about this. And how the devil did that happen. I might do a special post dedicated to Bubba...I mean my sister.

Deep fried shrimp, shrimp on the barbie, shrip burgers, lemon shrimp...

Mary Jane said...

Oh my gosh, Sara, that must have really hurt. I honestly didn't notice a thing when I saw you the other day. You looked like your regular, beautiful self.

PS: I did kind of giggle--just a little bi--when I saw those terrible pictures. What a bummer!

emily a. said...

I can't help it either- I'm laughing my head off. Bubba Gump would seriously be proud. That is so funny but I can imagine didn't feel too funny. Are you sure you aren't trying to cover up a nice makeout session with Birch?

Matt said...

I think an appropriate response to this post is Wow....Wow to both parts of the blog entry with entirely different meanings.

Mama Nirvana said...

I guess I must be your true friend -- because I didn't laugh a bit! You poor thing! I'm so glad you are feeling better, Sara, and enjoying your new roof!


laura said...

I have to agree with Matt ... "wow" is definitely the first word I thought of. Looks like you are definitely Leah's sister though. I say that because of her black-eye story. Don't worry we have all had bad experiences like that. Sorry it had to come with pain.

Isaac Andre said...

The new roof looks amazing! I like how it gave your house a whole new look and style. It’s definitely a smart decision that you had it replaced before any leak occurred, or before it got damaged. It’s better to be early than to find yourself cramming for the unplanned project, right? #Isaac Andre