Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Land Of Cousins

The fun didn't stop after the two lovebirds headed to Dominican Republic for their honeymoon. Birch and Alex had to head home for scout camp and work but mom and the kids stayed on in Spokane for another four days.

I didn't have our camera with us to document all the fun. Basically it was non-stop cousin time.
I rarely ever saw Nate as he was running around with all his cousins.
My sister-in-law Annie convinced me that it would be fun to take the kids strawberry picking. We drove out to a beautiful farming area and let the kids gorge on strawberries until their tummies could take it no more. We ended up picking 60 pounds of berries. I wish I had a picture of Chloe who was covered in dirt (it was pretty muddy since it has been so rainy this year) and strawberry juice.

Since the berries were so soft from the rain and sitting the dirt we got a killer deal on the berries (.50/pound). When I got back to Grannie's house I washed and blended up all the berries and dumped them into a big bucket to freeze.

After we got back to our house Birch and I thawed the berries and make six batches of freezer jam and froze a dozen or so quart size bags of strawberry puree for smoothies. YUMMO!!

We love being with our family!

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laura said...

Yum, berry smoothies. I bet they will be delicious!