Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lovin' God's Land

To celebrate the July 4th weekend we headed to the mountains. Initially when we got out of the car it was a bit crispy cold and it is possible that we might have expressed a bit of grumpiness to Birch (the motivator behind hiking for the day). It didn't take long though until we warmed up and started appreciating all of God's creations around us.
Family Picture on the Mesatchee Creek Trail

Chloe and Mommy stopping for a little water break.

Coop was in heaven the whole time and kept talking about how he is such a great scout leader. (check out those ears)
Chloe loved the snacks, riding in the backpack, throwing rocks in the river, and taking possession of her very own waterbottle.
We crossed several streams on our hike. The kids all love to throw rocks and sticks in the water.
Somehow we all manged to stay dry despite all the water we crossed.
After hiking about a mile and a half we same to a very large river to cross. We were a little unsure if we should attempt the crossing since we have several non-swimmers in the family. The water was so calm, though that the kids all felt excited to try their hand a log walking. This picture doesn't really show the true magnitude of what we accomplished--those logs we are standing on are laying in the deep water--meaning we were surrounded by water on both sides. Anyway, it was a cool feeling that we did this as a family. After we crossed the river we decided to head back to the car and make a quick dash for another waterfall not far from the road.
Here's Nate at Union Creek Waterfall. We didn't stay long as several kids instantly had to go the bathroom and were all dying of hunger.

We all came home exhausted, hungry, and thankful for living in this blessed land!


Blayre said...

I LOVE AMERICA!! Great posts Sara- how did you get that pict of all of you doing the "I'm the man/woman" pose!? That was great!!

Blayre said...

Even little Chloe is doing it!!! haha--CUTE!! Birch musta run fast or something!!??

emily a. said...

Does anyone love snacks more than Chloeworm? Looks like a beautiful hike and love everyone's colors.

laura said...

I am missing hiking with your family so much! And you certainly do pack good snacks; we remember!

Matt said...

What a great idea...the landscape is amazing!

kg said...

I don't know why your blog isn't showing you updates on my reader...anyway, love the updates! I sure do miss hiking in the Pacific Northwest!!