Tuesday, August 10, 2010

He's Pretty Much Just AWESOME

Not sure how I finagled this one...but somehow I married Mr. Awesome. I mean he's smart, a terrific father, close to God, top of the line husband, and fit as a twenty year old.
Mr. Awesome turns a whopping 37 years old today!!! While I celebrated turning 35 years old this week with getting my first mammogram done (which, ladies, really wasn't that awful), Birch celebrated by competing in his first sprint triathlon.

Still Crazy (in love) After All These Years

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Birch's "training" time was really quite limited as our life doesn't allow much "free" time for things like training. On a weekly basis Birch plays basketball twice in the early morning before work and usually goes running or on a bike ride one or two days a week. Since we have been spoiled and have a second car this year, Birch has been biking to work only twice a week.

Gosh, reading all that does sound like he has been training...he just didn't know it. On the other hand, I have limited my exercise to running up and down the stairs to the food storage room, chasing after a toddler that is always seeking to dump water on something, and regular bending down on all fours to pick up toys, wipe of sticky stuff off the floor, and put away someones shoes that are laying on the floor.

Anyway, back to the race. The first section was a quarter mile swim. This was the part that Birch was most nervous about. He had gone on three swims prior to the race and had bought himself a pair of goggles to prepare himself.

He ended up feeling quite awesome about this section--can you tell? He got 71th place out of 160 competitors.

Next was a 14 mile bike portion.
He cruised on this section and finished 20th overall.
This is what Birch saw when he finished the bike portion.
Then he had to hurry and take off his bike shoes and put on his running shoes.
Off he went for the 3 mile run around the lake. Again, he did awesome and finished 10th in this portion of the triathlon.
Here he comes to the finish line!

Birch's finish time for the whole sprint triathlon was 1:14:58.3

Overall Stats:

20th overall out of 160 competitors
5th out of his age group

We were all there to cheer him on as he finished the race.

The kids all got a kick out of his swim cap.
Two other co-workers of Birch's competed as well--Haley Amos and Alex Moon.

After the race we all headed to a fun little ice cream parlor in Ellensburg, WA to celebrate. Emily, Ryan, and the girls were there to help celebrate too.

Can you tell it was good ice cream?
Oh yum!!

We are all pretty much beaming with pride for our handsome husband and daddy!

Mr. Awesome I/WE love you!!!


Julia said...

He IS awesome, although I'm partial to one of the other Ditto brothers. Way to go, Birch!

emily a. said...

I got a kick out of how funny Birch was last night at his birthday party. Who knew one man was capable of doing the caterpillar, singing the gummy bear song in character AND doing so awesome in a triathlon?

laura said...

Birch, I tried calling to wish you a happy birthday, but I can see you were busy with a great group celebrating! I am so glad. Nice work on the triathlon! Only you can barely train and preform so well!

Matt said...

Awesome job Birch!