Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A New Chapter

I feel as though our family has just started a new book...a new chapter to our lives. Emily and Ryan and their two sweet girls just moved in a couple of miles from our house. Ryan just finished dental school and hallelujah just got his license so he is now Dr. Andersen. It seems too good to be true!!
Nate seems to have a special bond with baby Mila. Emily and Ryan bunked with us for a week while they were moving into their new home. Nate was devastated when they stopped sleeping at our house; he wanted Mila to keep living with us. Lucky for Nate, I think we will be able to arrange many snuggle dates for him.
Chloe and Sage seem to have a love/hate relationship. They are both two...both independent...AND both love the same things. Chloe, being the youngest of a large family has been trying to teach Sage all sorts of wonderful things like dumping water all over the bathroom, saying "MEANIE" to your mommy, and taking off your diaper whenever you want. SWEET!
My mom and dad came up for a few days to help Emi and Ryan with their move. It was such a treat for all of us to spend a couple of busy days with them. Chloe loved story time with Ami.
Birch still has his knack--he can put both the baby and himself to sleep in five seconds.
Alex babysat Sage and Chloe several mornings so I could take the rest of the kids to swim lessons and keep Mila so Emi and Ryan could focus on their house. Alex is turning into quite the good babysitter!
I about fell over when my dad arrived at my door as a hairy gorilla man. As mentioned in previous posts I am anti-hair but my mom...she was in HAIRY HEAVEN. My dad grew out his beloved beard for a pioneer trek that my mom and dad were helping lead for a group of youth. In just a couple of weeks my dad is going to be retiring after 37 years of hard work...I'm wondering if I'm going to have to get used to the new "Sean Connery" look?
Sage is just the funnest thing ever. Her pendulum of moods swings faster than you can keep up with and not to mention she gallops every where she goes. Her mouth is on high speed always telling you something. She is a doll and I am loving every minute getting to know her.

Sweet Mila...we are in baby heaven. I almost feel like I haven taken on the grandma role. I can babysit, snuggle, and then return her to mommy and daddy for bedtime. The hardest part for me is realizing that I cannot satisfy her every need. I'm so used to being able to feed the baby that it is quite the switch to need to pass her on to mommy when hungry time comes along.
Just love those kissable lips.

I think we are going to like this new book!!!


Mama Nirvana said...

What a dream come true to live by your sis. You guys are going to make so many memories together. I am so happy for you guys!!!


Leah said...

So much fun. Can't wait to make a guest appearance in your book in a week. Happy almost bday!

emily a. said...

We LOVE being in your book!

kg said...

Sara, I'm so happy for everyone! Wish my sisters were closer :)

laura said...

My two favorite pictures in your post:
Blayre and Alysee - they are DEFINETLY twinners
Dad the gorilla man - Sean Connery look alike!