Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Toast

August is a month of celebration at our house. We have several birthdays and we also commemorate the anniversary of our house flood last year. Not wanting August slip by again this year without some type of water fiasco, Tuesday morning we had a severely clogged kitchen sink. The night before Birch took apart the under sink-action to unclog the dang thing, but the clog was somewhere in the wall. So Tuesday morning at 8:30 am Doug's Rooter showed up at our front door to give us a hand. Within twenty minutes he had the sink unclogged, I'd paid the man for his service, and he was out the front door.

Not two minutes later Tyler comes running upstairs saying that the basement stinks. I went down there to find the furnace room filled with several inches of nasty water and the hallway very saturated as well. The water was also seeping it's way into the bathroom, boys bedroom, and water softener room. SWEET!!! (My new favorite word when facing a crisis.)

I called Doug's Rooter and explained that five minutes earlier they had been at my house unclogging a kitchen sick and now my basement stinks and is filling up with water. Could this possibly be related?

I put one more call into our friends from church that have carpet cleaning business and helped us with the initial clean up when last year's flood happened. Five minutes later our friend and his big carpet cleaning truck arrived along with the return of Doug's Rooter man.

Turns out that the plug that was five feet away from the kitchen sink was pushed down with the "snake" to the condensation pipe. After clearing out the blockage the rooter guy had blasted the sink water to show me how great the sink was draining; which actually was flooding out of the condensation pipe since it was now plugged. Yummy rotten stuff like egg shells and other stinky food and water were now all over our furnace room, hallway, and other out lying areas.

Zip forward two days we have now pulled up the carpet in the hallway, torn out the water soaked carpet pad, disinfected the floor, baseboards, and carpet in the boys' room that got wet with Simple Green Pro 3 (it kills everything from the H1N1 to the HIV virus), and had a fan blasting on the floor. We also bought several cases of tile and grout, hired our favorite contractor to tile our downstairs hallway, and had all the dry wall tested for moisture damage to make sure that we were not going to have to worry about mildew and mold issues.
Can I just cry for just a minute since I'm wondering when I am ever going to get that new computer that allows me to edit pictures in photoshop in less that 20 minutes per photo? Perhaps we are more of a tile family than comfy carpet anyway? Just minutes ago the kids came up telling me that in the kids playroom had some wet spots in it. Upon examination I found it was merely a little potty...SWEET!!!


emily a. said...

I'm guessing the potty was from little Chloeworm. Ahh... is right. And what a way to celebrate your birthday today too. We'll make it up this next week and I might even treat you to your own large fries on our drive tomorrow.

kg said...

SWEET! Well, your 35th BIRTHDAY will be a memorable one! Hope you were loved and spoiled despite!

Mama Nirvana said...

Funny how just a little potty can be so much better than gallons of filthy water. Sara, you are becoming a pro at handling household catastrophes. I wouldn't even know where to begin! Happy Birthday!!!


Meta said...

Happy Birthday Sara! I'm so sorry for your not-so-fun projects. Hope when this is all over in a few weeks you can have another b-day worry-free! Love you lots and think about you often.

laura said...

so sorry to hear. I can't believe that happened! we will make your next week relaxing and worth it!