Thursday, September 16, 2010


The annual pilgrimage to Sheep Lake took place a couple of weekends ago. The older boys and Birch have been going for a couple of years now with the Cox Family. This year Nate was sure he could hold his own so he was invited to pack in with the group.
Here they all are at the beginning trail head.
It was supposed to rain that night but the kids said they would rather go then sit home and wish they were hiking. Look at Nate's big grin even though he is packin' that enormous old pack I grew up with.
Full of energy!
Love this contraption that Mark Cox invented--the Trail Buddy. He made it out of a jogger stroller. I think several of the boys benefited at some point from this unique invention.
After two miles of hiking in the boys made it to Sheep Lake.
It was a chilly night so the warm cup of oatmeal hit the spot in Tyler's tummy.
Looks like Alex enjoyed his too!
The next day was spent going on little hikes around the lake.
Nate and Chase have been buddies since infancy.
Apparently Nate took quite a spill on this steep incline.
Tyler was all smiles.
Alex will certainly be carrying on the "I'm Awesome" pose from his daddy and uncles.
What lucky boys to have such a cool daddy!
Nate apparently not only rode this stump but also quite a few emotions throughout the camping trip. He had a good time but took quite a few falls.
The boys all loved a little mini-sledding on this snow patch they found.
Wow--what a site!
Nothing like rock throwing off of a cliff.
Burr...I hear the lake was FREEZING!
The boys had a great time! This is a tradition that I'm sure will carry on forever.

Even though I don't have any pictures to prove what Alysee, Coop, Chloe, and I did for the night we really did have a great time. We enjoyed going out to eat with the rest of the Cox family that didn't go camping and then a night of movies, crafts, reading books, and dessert. Alysee had a whole schedule written up for me to follow so I didn't even have to open up my creative think tank.


emily a. said...

Those were awesome pictures. I think I could handle that hike for sure.

kg said...

This is making me miss hiking sooo bad!!

laura said...

First of all, I can't believe those boys packed up all their gear for that hike! Impressive for all, especially Nate! Way to go. I too am missing hitting the trail. Do you think baby Isla will be up for it next summer?
Love the trail buddy. What a great invention. As for Alysee ... can I just say she is MOST DEFINITELY her mother's daughter?!!!