Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bear Creek Mountain

Turning twelve is like a whole new world opening up for Alex. He now gets to stay up a bit longer (but really it isn't that fun because it just means that he has more homework), he has weekly scouts/youth night, and best of all he gets to go on monthly campouts with all the scouts his age.

Alex first official scout campout was to Bear Creek Mountain. Alex said the evening two mile hike into the campsite was pretty miserable with ongoing rain and chilly temperatures. But once they got to the campsite the boys all devoured the yummiest cup-a-noodles with pre-cooked chicken breasts. The next morning the weather was beautiful and all the boys had a good time together.
Birch was able to accompany Alex on the campout. I know that it brought Alex a lot of peace knowing that his dad would be along his side.
Alex took at least a hundred pictures and videos with his new little camera he bought with his saved money this summer. I'm thinking he might get the historian job for scouts.

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emily a. said...

I thought of you Alex today when Elder Perry was talking about the Aaronic Priesthood. Loved all the pictures you took.