Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Climbing High on Labor Day

We had a great Labor Day this year. Our friends that Birch and I went rock climbing with several months ago invited us to spend the day with them doing some family climbing at the Feathers near Vantage, WA. All the kids had been very jealous that Birch and I had gone and so they were all eager to go. Emily, Ryan, and their girls joined us for the day too.

Here's Birch doing a lead climb to get the route all set up for the rest of us. The day really ended up being for the kids--I only went up once. This was a really tough climb for me. I have to admit that twice I had to have Ryan, my belayer, give me a cheater boost. It was very invigorating!
Alex could not be stopped! He has decided that he could climb every day of his life. Okay, this girl was amazing. I had to admit that I thought she would peter out and not really enjoy climbing--boy, did she prove me wrong. Alysee was amazing! By the end of the day Alex was belaying the kids. Tyler was a natural too! Look at Tyler go! Alex and Tyler went climbing two years ago and really enjoyed it then. On this climb Alex even lead climbed a route. Here he is clipping into the top of the route. Way to go Alex! Coop...this kid is a nut! He really wasn't very interested in even trying. Coop is actually pretty cautious in trying new things. With a little encouragement from Daddy Coop gave it a try. ...and didn't really enjoy it. He was much happier climbing around in this cave the kids found. Nate was INCREDIBLE!! At first he was a little nervous and apprehensive about trying, again very much in following his personality but then...WHAM...he was off. So serious and determined in perfection! Nate literally sprinted up this route. Nate was a natural too! What did the girls do all day? Stuff their little cheeks with Doritos, roasted hot dogs, animal crackers, dirt, and a little more dirt and rocks. We stayed from 11 am until 4 pm and Chloe hardly made a squawk. She fell asleep almost immediately when we put her in the car to head home.
Looks like we might just have found a family activity that we all enjoy. It really is a wonderful sport that demands team work, positive reinforcement, and time together. I might even be buying into myself.


kg said...

I never would of guessed, that's so fun you ALL enjoy climbing....I'm too afraid of heights!

emily a. said...

Wow, you were busy during naptime today. That was a fun trip.

laura said...

All have to say is that I am so impressed and proud of you all but slightly jealous. It looks like you all had so much fun! Glad that it was so safe.