Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hard Core

One of Birch's dreams for the past several years is to bike to the top of Chinook Pass. Other than relieving Alex's painful childbirth experience I can't think of anything much more painful than biking up hill 15 miles JUST FOR FUN. Luckily Birch has friends who share this same love.
Here he is on his way up.
My legs burn just looking at this picture.
He did it!
Birch said it was definitely a physically exhausting trip but he LOVED every minute.
I love this shot of Birch because it shows how much he loves the mountains. Birch said it was such a peaceful and beautiful experience. They hardly saw a car while biking and were just able to enjoy the scenery.


kg said...

Way to go Birch! I miss that scenery, I can see why you love it!

laura said...

That sounds like such a wonderful trip Birch! That is a beautiful drive.

emily a. said...

Glad you got to do the ride. Nice spandie's Birch. Please just save your kids the embarrassment of wearing them out in public, like dropping them off for seminary.