Friday, September 10, 2010

Sailing Away

One of my kids favorite traditions each summer is to have a cucumber boat competition. My sister, Leah, introduced us to this idea a few years ago. In the past we have always had a plethora of cucumbers from our garden so it makes a great August or September activity. Sadly this year our garden is pretty pitiful. But we could let the kids down so I purchased a bunch of cucumbers from a local fruit and veggie stand.

Coop was very proud of his boat.
Nate preparing to catch his boat.
In addition to Alex and Tyler's cucumber boat they also worked on making a mini motor for Tyler's cub scout sailing regatta boat. They were even more excited to find out their their invention worked!
The favorite part of the competition is trying to catch your boat before it crosses our draw bridge from our house.
The kids are already coming up with new ideas for making a faster boat for next year.


emily a. said...

Thanks for letting us, or should I say Ryan, join in on the festivities.

laura said...

I love the last picture, especially because it seems that Chloe ate her boat rather than sailing it. Cute!