Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sun, Cousins, Candy...what could be better?

In the morning before Alysee was baptized we had a full house with Ami and Poppi visiting and Aunti Annie and Uncle Kelly plus kids. We all headed downtown to the big parade kicking off the Central WA State Fair.
The kids didn't stay sitting down for too long. As soon as they realized that the more screaming and jumping up and down they did brought candy raining out of the heavens to them they went crazy!
Aunti Emi and Sage were enamored with the animals and candy too.
Tyler was in la la land with all the candy being thrown at him.
Sage is a very cautious little girl and so Poppi was sure to not let her miss out on the candy.
Jacob, Alysee, and Laynie in awe by the huge horses.
Coop loved it all too!
Nate's pockets were bulging with candy. He actually even started offering his candy to Chloe since he couldn't fit anymore in his pockets. What a guy!

We had such a good time with all the family that came to celebrate Alysee's baptism. In the afternoon Grannie, Blayre, Ryan, and Andrew joined in on the fun.

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emily a. said...

Traveling and posting on the blog, you are wonder woman! That was a fun day.