Monday, September 27, 2010

YeeHaw...State Fair Fun!

We had an especially fun time at the State Fair this year since Ami and Poppi joined us. The weather was warm, the kids were entertained, and we made some fun memories.
Alex, Tyler, and Birch all tried their hand at bull riding. Poppi used to be a cattle roper dude so the kids have a bit of cowboy blood. Birch stayed on that bull for a good two minutes. Yeehaw!! Most all the kids participated in a tractor pull competition. You had to peddle this mini tractor while pulling a lever system to increase the weight you were dragging behind you. Alex put in a good fight. This is Nate all the way--so very serious and determined to do his best. He did awesome! Tyler may just grow up to be a farmer after all. Chloe loved the big metal tank filled up with feed corn. At the end of the day we let the kids each pick a ride; talk about expensive when you have six kids. This was Nate and Alysee's first roller coaster ride. Coop was a speed demon on his race car ride. It was so wonderful to have my mom and dad with us for the weekend. The time flew by WAY too fast. We are looking forward to many more longer visits now that my dad just retired. We topped the day off with ice cream cones from the Darigold Creamery. Chloe, with her sweet tooth, was in heaven!

I just wish our annual trip to the fair would appease Alysee and Tyler's desire for something furry at our home.

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