Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dripping with OSU pride

One of Tyler's special presents that Birch had arranged was for him and Alex to get to go to an OSU vs. Huskies football game in Seattle the day after Tyler's birthday. I'm not sure who was the most excited to go to the game--the daddy or the boys. The whole idea ended up growing with all of Birch's brothers going and one brother-in-law and each of their oldest sons.
They all met at a favorite Mexican restaurant in Seattle and filled up their tummies with these gigantic burritos.
Then they parked their cars at a mall and loaded on the city bus to ride to the stadium.

It was a crazy game, which went into double overtime. Alex loved watching the marching band and was wrapped up in every minute of the game. Tyler enjoyed watching the game and just being part of the whole event. Birch was in heaven being with his brothers and watching such a close game.
They stayed the night in Seattle at Birch's brother's wife's grandparents' house (did you get that?). They left early in the morning on Sunday to make it back in time for church. It certainly was a memorable game (34-35 OSU lost in the second overtime)!

Birch's brother made this fun video about the whole day together:

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emily a. said...

Wow, you were busy last night. Birch really does look like he's in heaven. What a fun memory!