Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jogging your heart out

I'm just about to wrap up my involvement with something that has consumed me since July--our elementary school's big annual fundraiser. This is the second year that I have been highly involved in helping put this event on. Alex brought home his Junior High fundraiser stuff the other day and I said that I wasn't planning on buying any thing from him. I got the "all you care about is the jog-a-thon!" from Alex. I honestly responded, "Yes, I guess you are right. I can only focus on one school right now." I've been involved in everything from designing the posters, to getting sponsorships from local and corporate companies, buying loads of prizes for the kids, designing water bottles and "thank you" postcards, etc... We have had a great little committee that has volunteered tirelessly for the school.

The physical therapy clinic that Birch works for is one of our top sponsors. Birch was able to come with two of his assistants to lead the kids in some warm up exercises before they started there twenty minutes of jogging.
After the warm up exercises many parents let off a bunch of balloons while the kids were lead by a wonderful teacher who ran holding a torch. I literally had to wipe away some tears as I saw this site. I think it was a combo of having put in SO many hours to this very minute and then being united together in a good cause.
There goes Tyler---top runner for the school.
Alysee loved being apart of the jog-a-thon.
We had all sorts of mascots from around the community to cheer on the kids. Nate is such an amazing mini-runner.

Tomorrow we will wrap up the event with a prize assembly and then the "thank you" cards need to be written. I certainly have a greater appreciation for the PTA (somehow I got wrapped into being co-vice president this year) and for the community in pulling together to help put kids first!

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Mama Nirvana said...

I signed up to be PTA secretary this year -- the vice-president is in charge or the jog-a-thon (for a very small charter school). It looks like it was amazing, Sara! They were lucky to have you.