Friday, October 15, 2010

Tyler, man of the house

Hard to believe this kid is already ten years old! Tyler is a really sweet boy. He is excelling in school and is so well-liked among all the school. I was at the school recently for an assembly and his name was being called for being on school patrol the kids went CRAZY cheering him on like he was an in-house celebrity. Sure made this momma proud! Tyler was pretty excited about his gifts this year. His favorite present was a custom-built skateboard from a local skate shop. Boy, was that an experience making a "transaction" with the skate shop owner. I was wishing that one of my little brothers was with me to translate all the cool lingo he was saying. After the store owner would say something I had to come back with something like, "So what you are saying is this deck is really 80's and that is awesome?" Needless to say it was quite an experience. Tyler is such a caring person! He loves babies and is the first to ask to hold his little cousin Mila. Tyler and Chloe have a special bond that I hope stays strong forever. Love this kid!!!

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Rachel said...

What a sweet post. Sheesh, sounds like an awesome kid! I also loved your detailed post about each child. Cleaning up Egypt! Awesome!