Friday, November 19, 2010

4,400 days and 35 seconds

This is a magic number that will not be forgotten at our house.

4,400 days of diaper changing

Approximately $1,746 (not really as much as I would have thought but that is due to constipated kids and great deals on diapers average of .12/diaper)
Amongst the chaos of October at our house Chloe decided that she was ready to be a big girl. After boiling and hot drying two packages of cute undies in hopes of shrinking them, we were ready to begin. I thank the Lord that potty training has not been a struggle at our house. 27 months of age seems to be the magic number for our kids! It look Chloe two days to figure out the pooping thing but since then she has been a pro.
Our only problem as been keeping the undies on! The first thing she does every time she goes down for a nap or bedtime is strip ALL of her clothes off. What a nut!! Being a determined and very independent two year old, Chloe regularly dresses herself. She is known for picking out some choice outfits. The other day she had on two skirts and an inside-out, backwards shirt. I was dancing with her when I noticed that the special outfit of the day did NOT include any undies. Yikes!!! I guess this girl likes to be free!

Update: Although it may be a bit early to toot our horns--Chloe's "sailor" language seems to have improved a bit. I didn't really think about the progress until an incident this past Sunday--which especially stood out because she had been doing so much better lately. Chloe snuck out of our pew at church during sacrament meeting and ran up to go sit on Birch's lap (he is in the bishopric so he sits on the stand each week). I normally let her go sit with Birch for the closing song but never earlier. Anyway, she sat peacefully for about ten minutes and then I hear her quite loudly say,"I hate you daddy!" Mind you, I am sitting down in the congregation hearing this. It also happened to be a Sunday that the Stake President was visiting and sitting a couple of seats down from Birch. I quickly slipped out of my seat and rescued Birch while I shamefully slid out the door for a little punishment time of Chloe sitting by herself in an empty classroom. Oh my...maybe we still have some work ahead of us after all.


Mama Nirvana said...

So, so cute! I just love this age, and their personalities emerging with full force. I think I need to interview Sam.


Matt said...

I think you have a firey one and will someday look back at this remembering cute