Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Angelic Sailor

Sweet Chloe is really blossoming into a darling little girl.
One problem...this girl has got a mouth of a sailor. Some of her favorite words include: "meanie," "I hate you!," "You're a mean Mommy (or Daddy)!," "stupid, and "dummy." Have I forgotten any? Good thing that is the extent of bad words that she has heard otherwise we'd be in big trouble.

We've tried everything from ignoring her, washing her mouth out with soap, time out, telling her that Jesus is sad when she talks naughty, and flicking her mouth. Hum...nothing seems to be working. Not long ago she was saying to me "I hate you" but I just totally ignored her. It was making her so mad that she kept trying to situate herself in front of my face while saying, "Did you hear me? I hate you mommy." A couple times I have been quite embarrassed when we have been at church and she gets mad at me because I won't give her something she wants and she loudly says, "I hate you mommy." I keep telling myself that it is a phase but it has been going on for a loooong time now (you know long for a two year old's life).
She is darn cute, though, isn't she?!!


kg said...

Sara, I don't know how I keep missing your updates, was this really posted way back in Nov? Your girls are gorgeous! Now I don't feel so bad about Grace saying "Mom, you're driving me nuts!" Chloe is adorable, I wish I could see her and Grace play :)

Jessica said...

Not to dismiss your feelings, but your title is so funny. She really does look like such a little angel; I can't imagine her saying those things! On the other hand, it kind of makes me feel guys always seem so perfect! Love all your sweet kids (even the naughty ones!)

And, ps, Sofia keeps asking for when Tyler can come play???

Mama Nirvana said...

Sometimes I think the cuter they are the more they can get away with, or that they think they can get away with. I know our youngest is the most stubborn of the bunch. You're right, it will pass. Only to start up again when she turns 13 :)


emily a. said...

And this last week when Chloe was sitting on the stand with Birch and we heard "I don't like you Daddy." That was special.

Oh sweet Chloe, you such a sweetie and I anxiously wait to see what you are wearing (and not wearing like undies) when we come to your house. The naughty words are a bonus.

Good luck and just don't let her teach them to Sage.

Leah said...

That's hilarious, only because it's not my child. Good luck with that one. She is dang cute though.