Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm Thankful...

for so many, many things. This Thanksgiving our family was able to celebrate with Birch's family. Boy, do we have a PARTY when we get together. How could you not with 22 cousins under the age of twelve?
This picture will always stimulate a lot of memories for all those in attendance. We literally went through a blizzard, several of our cars had to be towed (by those smart siblings who have snow tires or chains), and then ferried up to the "barn." When we got to the barn not only was it freezing inside but it was also very dark -- both things not very conducive to a good picture. We altered plans and all piled outside in the FREEZING, SNOWY weather and threw some hay bails up for all of us to sit on. By this time the sun was going down and the children were getting antsy. Really this picture is a miracle--I'm voting for a warm, overcast, summer day on the next family photoshoot. The rest of the trip was filled with fun family games, lots of food, and early Christmas party, the unveiling of the awesome 2010 ABH movie, and LOTS and LOTS of SNOW! (So much that we ended up having to buy new tires while we were there.) Alysee and Malia were in heaven having daily slumber parties and building snow forts together. These kids just have a blast together!
This isn't the most awesome picture...but since it is the only one from our anniversary it will be a keeper. Birch and I celebrated 14 years of marriage bliss while in Spokane. In reality we hardly saw each other the whole day but did join together (with all the Ditto adults) for a baked potato dessert at the Wolf Lodge restaurant.

The weekend prior we got lucky and were able to go away for an overnighter, leaving Emi and Ryan in charge of all the chillins. We had a great weekend away and lived up every moment (sealings at the temple, dinner at Olive Garden, nice hotel, slept in until 10:50 AM, Breakfast/Lunch at IHOP, matinee movie "Secretariat," and then shopping and dinner at the mall.) We sucked up every minute together and neither of us wanted to get out of the car when we drove back home. I love this man more than words can say!! Can't wait to live an eternity with him!

Sure do love our family!!

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