Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lightening Legs Alex

One of the perks of being in Junior High for Alex is the opportunity for after school sports. Alex decided to try cross-country this year. At the beginning of the season Alex didn't really find it to be very fun but as he got to know some of the other kids better he began to enjoy it.
Turns out he was not such a bad runner either. Just about every meet was FREEZING which wasn't so bad for Alex but quite chilly for his cheerleaders. Here are some of his meet times and placements for the 3K races:
Place TIME
5 Alex Ditto West Valley 9:50
4 Alex Ditto West Valley 11:17
6 Alex Ditto West Valley 10:49
4 Alex Ditto West Valley 10:02.0
Chloe, cousin Sage, and Alysee were always ready to cheer on their brother/cousin.

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