Monday, December 13, 2010

Gearing up for the holidays

December has brought many festivities to the Ditto household. We have spent evenings watching Christmas movies, going to Christmas parties and school performances, holiday bazaars, time with cousins, gift giving and making, and lots of Christmas music.
Somehow Coop convinced everyone that he should be able to put the star on top of the tree this year.
My friend, Tara Cobia and I have had a little hair creations business for about a year now. I'm a terrible sales person but I do enjoy making the creations. We have sold quite a bit of the year and decided to enter two bazaars this Christmas time. The second bazaar was much more successful for us than the first one. Emily also sold many beautiful earrings at both bazaars.
A few examples of what we create.
I started making quite a few brooches which really were quite popular to attach to your hats, purses, and shirts. This was a special order for a woman that wanted a peacock feather in a brooch.
I found this very clever idea for our gift to our friends this year. I went to a local Chinese restaurant and bought 125 fortune cookies for a great deal and then dipped them in white chocolate and added festive sprinkles to the top. They turned out really cute.
We've been loving all the cousin time that we have had with the Andersen family since they moved here this past summer. Chloe and Sage has finally decided that being friends is much more fun than arch revivals (well, usually).
Nate was chosen to be a dancer in his school Christmas program. He was very, very nervous but really did an awesome job!

Lots of Christmas fun to be had!

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emily a. said...

The peacock brooch turned out awesome Sara. And I haven't realized how much taller Sage is than Chloe until looking at that picture. I guess it's because she's never standing still.